Friday, January 18, 2013

More Snow

Well it properly snowed didn't it!
I've had a quick walk outside today but have mostly been enjoying the view from inside our tiny, but toasty warm flat. Totally a day for hot chocolate, soup and three pairs of socks!

Copyright of Amy Underhill 2013
I've been experimenting with some texture lately and really like it. I am no Illustrator pro, am completely self taught by a 'dummies guide to illustrator' book a few years ago after I left Uni!
Most things I have learnt to do using illustrator that weren't in the book have been either a happy accident or learnt from google searching my heart out and finding tutorials online.
One day I would absolutely love to go on a proper illustrator course, but until then I will keep googling away!


  1. Cute characters, wish I knew illustrator, at the moment only use photoshop, I know it would mkae life so much easier! enjoy the snow! x

    1. I recommend the Dummies Guide To Illustrator book Tracey! It's so good, especially if you already know your way round photoshop

  2. That is so nice, love the Duse colors that you used.

    Have a nice day

    Hugs Susi

    1. Thanks Susi! Your house is absolutely beautiful!! I would never be allowed to have a house so girly and pretty so I am really jealous! All that GreenGate!!!! Ahhhh x