Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Gingerbread Christmas!

At the start of this month in a rare moment of feeling domesticated I decided I would try and make a gingerbread house for my boyfriend's mum and dad for Christmas. Then because I was going to have to make it at my own mum and dad's house (bit too difficult to transport a fully made gingerbread house 2 hours down the M5 and country lanes!) 
I felt it would only be fair to make one for them too...

 I started 3 days ago (honestly haven't really left the kitchen since) 
and following this recipe from the lovely Kirsty Allsopp,
I've managed to knock up some half decent ginger lodgings if I do say so myself.

They aren't quite the perfect Swiss chalets I had imagined and that you see on Pinterest, but considering I often struggle not to burn pasta I am blinkin proud!
Here are the end creations:

House Number One


House Number Two


There were a few hairy 'moments' attaching the roof where I had to use jam jars as props, and I had a bit of a disaster when I tried to lightly dust some snow over the roof tops after a couple of glasses of gin and ended up with more of an avalanche of icing sugar, 
(you will notice the penguins have an extreme case of dandruff) but all in it went pretty well!

Happy Christmas to all, see you on the other side!!


  1. AMAZING! well done! i was hoping to make one but ran out of time :-(

  2. Yes amazing.........ove that snow man idea, next year we will be more ambitious!!!

  3. Fantastic. Much better than the one I built. Mind you it was my first ever gingerbread house.

  4. thanks! gillian, yours looks lovely too and I bet you weren't stuck in the kitchen for three days either! i watched a cooking program on xmas eve where they made one that had glass in the windows (melted boiled sweets), fairy lights round it and a chimney with real smoke coming out! there is always next year hey!!! haha x

  5. they're blooming marvellous....have you eaten them yet? x

    1. thanks lizzie! all gone! my niece even ate the marshmallow tree that had turned into a marshmallow rock heh heh!

  6. ohhhh.... wonderfull and...yum..yum ❤