Monday, December 3, 2012

Made By Hand

This weekend I visited  Made By Handa craft fair based in Tredegar House which is a beautiful old National Trust house near Cardiff.

It was a very busy fair with lots to see, full of designer makers from all sorts of trades, from blacksmithing, to ceramics, to jewellery and there was even a lady selling GIANT knitting needles so big that apparently you could knit an actual rug in 4 hours!

Some of my favourite exhibitors:

Elaine Hughes who creates whimsical collaged scenes using 
stitch and collected vintage papers and textiles.

Anya Keeley makes, amongst other things, beautiful paper sculpted creatures.
Each one has a name and a story to tell.

Laura Pearcey from Boop Design had a delicate range of ceramics on offer including delicate bottles with hand drawn decoration and tiny ceramic charms.

Yvette Brown uses pewter to make funny little characters 'who just happen to be birds'.
They each have a name or a funny explanation of what they are up to, so sweet.

All very inspiring! 

I've been doing a spot of crafting myself making a few Christmas decorations and 
visiting the fair on Sunday has made me want to make all sorts of things.

If I start now I might actually have something to sell at a craft fair by next Christmas!


  1. Love simple shapes! great craft work totally suitable for what you're approaching! Wish you best luck & Merry Christmas ^^

  2. Amazing work!!!
    The collages are absolutely marvelous.

  3. GORGEOUS finds at the craft fair! :)

  4. Lovely works! I especially like paper sculpted pig! ☺